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15 yrs of curating dreams

Since 2009

The perfect fusion of culture with trends is what “ The You by Simran” ideates. Simran is giving a whole new definition of fashion and styling along with carrying culture with it. For 12 years Simran’s dream world of ‘The You’ is giving fashion definitions of hundreds to thousands of females. A dress is not only a cloth; it is the confidence which you carry. ‘The You’ is styling the lady love out there with confidence, elegance, and decency.
‘The You by Simran’ is a brand serving online merchandise, casual wear, lounge-wear, party wear, and an enormous range of clothing dedicated to the ladies. It is operating for 8 years based in Chandigarh, Punjab with a brilliant response of satisfied clients and the immense love of our ladies.
The idea behind The You is to give you the perfect attire to represent you with your mood, vibes, flicks everything. To make you stand out in the crowd with your distinct persona.
It is the one-stop solution of whatever you are looking for formals for corporate meetings, casual wear for day-to-day needs, ethnic for occasional with vibrant mood, everything to make you feel more yourself in your skin.

Simran Kaur

Founder & Designer

The You For You

Vision of  ‘The You’

Our mission is to define female beauty with ethnicity. We are serving our clients fully online, with immense growth. Growing is a lifetime process, we are always looking ahead to recreate a more redefining range of clothing. ‘The You’ is constantly pushing our boundaries to deliver the best attire that matches your personality.

Our Philosophy

‘The You’ emphasize thinking differently by trying your set of happiness with your type of fashion. No matter where you go, the roots of our culture keep intact.

Simran is setting culture with a modern tint of fashion trends on sets. Our satisfied lady loves out there represent our journey of ethnicity. Creativity is everywhere but it ideates from fashion.

Purity in every weave

100% Indian

We are proudly an Indian brand crafted with the love of our customers. We represent our lover toward our culture and traditions with ethnicity in our work. Our brand is purely dedicated to maintaining the charm and beauty of your real feminine blush.

Story Of Our Logo

The logo defines the foundation of the brand. Our logo represents traditional tailoring with modern craftsmanship with grace. We define our love wherever possible, being a women entrepreneur Simran kept the brand to justify the power of women through ‘The You’. Every woman out there can see herself in the brand as ‘The You For You’ by Simran.

Why Choose Us

Styling became the part of our daily lifestyle. We choose our outfits wisely whether it’s casual, daily wear, or a red carpet look. ‘The You’ knows the needs of fashion hour. We update our wardrobe as frequently as the fashion trends. Giving our ladies exotic styling goals is our motivation.

Quality stuff
An attire suits best when it feels like skin. We assure our clients that the stuff we deliver is always high quality. Our dress material comes in high-quality stuff along with comfort.

On-time delivery
We care about time, whether it is yours or ours. We are punctual about delivering your order to your doorstep at the earliest. Good things can’t keep you waiting. We deliver happiness in ethnic attire.

Satisfied customers
‘The You ‘ is grateful to our hundreds and thousands of customers across India. Satisfied customers are the identity of a successful brand. Simran delivered thousands of happiness in the shape of clothes around the country.

Simran Kaur

Founder & Designer

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